Krysten Joyce, MPH

Health Policy Consultant

Policy expertise

Access to care, physical and behavioral health integration, alternative payment models, drug pricing.

Health care trends I’m watching

I am watching the conversation and policy proposals that aim to change the way we deliver and pay for care in the United States. As policies and programs emerge to help shape the way we pay for care, I am following the ways value-based payment is affecting quality and cost of care delivered. I am interested in the focus on patient-centered care and how care systems are evolving to treat the whole person – mind and body.

Professional accomplishments

Before joining Kaiser Permanente, I worked in the government at the local, state and federal level. Most recently, I served as Strategy and Policy Manager for a $65 million federal initiative under the Governor’s Office in Colorado. I was responsible for identifying policy strategies to improve access to integrated physical and behavioral health and help primary care providers succeed in alternative payment model arrangements. I also led state efforts to explore development of new alternative payment models for primary care and rural hospitals that reward value of care delivered and reduce or avoid unnecessary costs. Prior to this, I served as a legislative staffer in US Senate, advising on healthcare issues including the Affordable Care Act, women’s reproductive health, and rural health services.  At Kaiser Permanente, I am focused on universal access to care, delivery system reform and drug pricing. I have written a variety of pieces on pharmaceutical drug pricing as part of a larger organizational strategy to address the high price of prescription drugs.

Interests and experience

Throughout my career, I have enjoyed distilling complex policy issues and into digestible terms so that communities, stakeholders and decision makers can feel informed and empowered. I believe partnerships and collaboration with a variety of diverse stakeholders leads to powerful, informed change, and I have facilitated multiple health policy committees focused on elevating common goals to provide the best care to our communities.

I am interested in analyzing the various state and federal policy proposals to change the way we deliver and pay for care in the US. I am also interested in understanding how our delivery and payment system can better serve our rural communities – from coverage and access, to cost, to quality.

What drives me in health policy

I am committed to the belief that everyone should have access to affordable, accessible, quality health care. In order to achieve universal access to care, systems and payment models must encourage appropriate ways to treat the whole person, including thinking beyond the clinic walls and integrating social determinants of health into health care services. I am encouraged by the growing conversation to define health in a more holistic way, and will continue to look for opportunities and partnerships to support this trend in my work at Kaiser Permanente.


  • Master of Public Health, Health Policy and Management, University of California, Berkeley
  • Bachelor of Arts, Public Health, University of California, Berkeley

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