Rebecca Hambright

Senior Manager, Strategy and Operations

Policy expertise

I have expertise in delivery system transformation, person/community-centered systems of care, improvement science, and population health.

Health care trends I’m watching

The health care industry’s evolving definitions of “health”, “health services”, and “prevention”.  How will policy, systems and clinical education evolve to support consumer demand and clinical advancements that stretch traditional boundaries? I continue to watch how health care systems and community social/emotional support services are forging unique partnerships and leveraging technology to offer innovative person-centered approaches to ensuring access, coordination and quality.

Professional accomplishments

I have worked as a leader of interdisciplinary teams within community hospital and public health settings and a large integrated health system. At Kaiser Permanente Northern California Regional and National Offices I have served as a trusted advisor for senior executive leaders and have led a broad array of initiatives including those that focus on care delivery quality and performance improvement, EHR implementation, evaluation of contract services, accreditation and regulatory compliance, inter-regional collaboration and knowledge management.

Interests and experience

Throughout my career, I have engaged in the art and science of ‘how’ we do our work.   As a trained improvement advisor, I enjoy examining the impact of leadership methods and process design on the way we engage one another in the workplace, the spread of innovative and successful practices, and how the alignment of strategy across units amplifies collective impact.  In addition to my Kaiser Permanente care delivery and operations focused roles, I have driven partnerships with external organizations that serve to elevate our collective impact on performance improvement and health equity targets.  With the vision of building the capability of systems that serve our most vulnerable community members, I led the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Safety Net Endowment funded by Kaiser Permanente Community Benefit.  Together with IHI, Kaiser Permanente has been able to provide over 2,500 safety net providers/staff access to world class quality, leadership, and improvement science training.

I am watching the “functional” medicine movement and see potential for mainstream medicine to learn from those who are testing new (and age-old) methods to address the negative impacts of environmental toxins, emotional stress and the standard American diet.  I am eager to see an increasing number of medical education institutions expand their definitions of “prevention” and increase their emphasis on nutrition and the healing power of whole foods for both physical and mental health.

What drives me in health policy

I entered into the fields of social work and public health because I care about how we leverage our collective resources to create mechanisms (including health systems) that allow our communities to thrive and individuals to live their best lives.  My social work training focused deeply on what it means to listen when serving individuals and communities, designing systems and examining policy solutions.  I am enthusiastic about the increased focus on health equity and am eager to see how this lens will impact our continued efforts to improve the economic, physical, and emotional wellness of our communities. How will we design systems and partnerships that support a holistic definition of health while employing inclusive design methodology that ‘meets people where they are at’?


  • Master of Public Health, Healthcare Policy and Management, University of California at Berkeley
  • Master of Social Work in Management and Planning, University of California at Berkeley
  • Bachelor of Arts, Sociology, University of California San Diego
  • Kaiser Permanente Improvement Institute, Improvement Advisor