Modernizing Health Care

Modernizing Health Care

Good Things Come in Small Packages

Kaiser Permanente is harnessing everyday data to improve care through miniregistries.

What’s In A Word? The Evolution Of Effectiveness In Health Care

The health care world is full of colloquial terms like value or affordability that mean different things to different stakeholders. Often how you define them and what you think of them depends on your place within the overall health ecosystem.

Digital Health for Complex Populations: Pilot Challenge

With support from Kaiser Permanente, the Center for Health Care Strategies (CHCS) is connecting technology companies and health care organizations through the Digital Health for Complex Populations: Pilot Challenge.

What Happens When You Mix Techies, Wonks, and Docs? You get Health Datapalooza.

Highlights from the Kaiser Permanente co-sponsored Health Datapalooza conference in Washington, DC. The conference focuses on the use of data and technology to address high impact health care outcomes and affordability.

Health Affairs Blog: Lessons From More Than A Decade In Patient Portals

Many of us look forward to a time when the experience of interacting with our health care providers will be as consumer-friendly and technology-enabled...

Center for Health Care Strategies — The Smart Pill Bottle and Other Digital...

Digital health products such as FitBit, Jawbone or the mobile app MyFitnessPal have become increasingly popular. However, most of these tools are aimed at...

Palliative Care Promotes Quality of Life for those with Advanced Illness

Advancements in medicine allow people with chronic and complex conditions to live longer than ever before. But longer life for people who are sick may bring challenges, such as pain, stress, and other symptoms that accompany serious illness.

Another rung on the ladder towards achieving a high-performing health care system – to...

Does the word learning associated with a health care system cause concern? Most people want to be assured that their care providers already understand...

KP Gives Power to Patients to Drive Their Care

Health information technology (IT) is revolutionizing how patients and physicians interact. Electronic health records (EHRs), such as Kaiser Permanente’s KP HealthConnect, allow physicians to...