Reflections on the Challenges Facing Mental Health Patients, Providers and Policies

How do we empower patients and families to ensure they receive the highest quality mental health care? What opportunities exist for clinicians to work with the housing, employment, and other sectors to advance mental health and wellness for all? The answers to these questions are especially important to me, having watched loved ones’ personal struggles with mental illness, even when they had access to care and treatment.

Coffee Talk with Shannon McMahon, Kaiser Permanente’s Executive Director of Medicaid Policy

Shannon McMahon, MPA, joined Kaiser Permanente’s Government Relations department in August as the executive director of Medicaid policy. In this role, she provides public policy, regulatory and legislative advice on Medicaid and other complex and strategic public policy issues. We sat down with Shannon to hear her insights about the future of Medicaid and her work at Kaiser Permanente.

Defining the Next Generation of Behavioral Health Strategies

The Georgetown Center on Poverty and Inequality and Mental Health America, with support from Kaiser Permanente, are leading an effort to identify creative ways to engage and coordinate community assets to transform the delivery of behavioral health supports, with a focus on treating the “whole person,” inclusive of the many factors that impact prevention and access to care.

Physicians’ Voices: What Skills and Supports Are Needed for Effective Practice in an Integrated...

Payers are demanding that US health care become more accountable and integrated, posing new demands for physicians and the organizations that partner with them...

Reaching Beyond Delivery System Walls To Improve Colorectal Cancer Screening

This article first appeared in Health Affairs Blog, republished here with permission. Payers are increasingly using value-based payment to push delivery systems to redefine their product...

Active Design: A Prescription to Move

What is active design? The term refers to an approach to designing new facilities or improving existing buildings with the goal of boosting users’ physical activity levels.

A Provider and Payor’s Perspective on Drug Pricing

On January 23rd, the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (NASEM) held the Affordable Drugs Stakeholder Meeting.

Kaiser Permanente takes on Medical and Health Issues with the National Academy of Medicine

Oakland, CA – As part of its longstanding relationship with the National Academy of Medicine (formerly the Institute of Medicine), Kaiser Permanente has announced...

Respecting Choices National Share the Experience Summit

More than 200 people from 30 states and three countries attended the inaugural Respecting Choices® National Share the Experience Summit. A diverse assemblage of physicians...

A Call to Action: Health Care Delivery Systems Must Address Food Insecurity

Roger hasn’t been taking his blood pressure medication, even though he agrees with his doctor that it will reduce his risk of a stroke. Josephine, usually...