Kaiser Permanente Policy Stories

Kaiser Permanente Policy Stories

Exactly As Prescribed: Kaiser Permanente Researchers Shed Light on Medication Adherence

For people living with chronic diseases, prescription medications can increase longevity and improve quality of life. Yet, in the United States, more than half of adults 40 and older with chronic conditions report at least one episode of non-adherence to their prescriptions.

Palliative Care Promotes Quality of Life for those with Advanced Illness

Advancements in medicine allow people with chronic and complex conditions to live longer than ever before. But longer life for people who are sick may bring challenges, such as pain, stress, and other symptoms that accompany serious illness.

Stemming the Tide of Prescription Opioid Overuse, Misuse, and Abuse

A silver badge with interlocking lines at the top of a triangle represents awareness of drug overdose and its effects. Worn worldwide on August 31, the symbol demonstrates support to those fighting through addiction and others bearing the burden of grief from injury or loss.

Advancing Care Through Telehealth

The day that baby Emily pulled a cup of scalding hot tea onto her lap was probably the worst in memory at the Smith household. The second degree burns she suffered required an in-patient hospital stay at a specialized pediatric burn unit.

Care at Home: Meeting Patients Where They Are

Care at home strategies seek to establish a win-win situation in which patient satisfaction goes up while use of health care services and spending go down.

Colorectal Cancer Screening: Preventing a Deadly Disease

It’s safe to say that when people turn 50, completing a colon cancer screening is not on the top of their to-do lists.

Disparities in Hypertension Care for African Americans

Michelle, an African American Kaiser Permanente patient in Southern California, was disheartened when her doctor informed her that she had high blood pressure.

The Stage as a Classroom: How Kaiser Permanente Uses Educational Theatre to Bring Health...

The students of Woodrow Wilson Elementary School in San Leandro, California are in for a treat today: a troupe of actors has come to their school to perform. As the kids enter the multipurpose room, one actor shows off his hula hoop skills.

Kaiser Permanente Policy Stories, V3, No.5: Exercise is the New Vital Sign

Exercise is the New Vital Sign -- Valerie, a 68-year-old Kaiser Permanente patient, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. She had very little energy and found that even...

Kaiser Permanente Policy Story, V3, No. 4: Innovation at Kaiser Permanente

Download the PDF for KP Story V3 n4 - Innovation at Kaiser Permanente  Download the PPT for KP Story V3 n4 - Innovation at Kaiser...