Center for Health Care Strategies — The Smart Pill Bottle and Other Digital Innovations for Safety-Net Populations


Digital health products such as FitBit, Jawbone or the mobile app MyFitnessPal have become increasingly popular. However, most of these tools are aimed at relatively healthy individuals. Few products target low-income, high-need individuals. To address this gap, the Center for Health Care Strategies, with support from Kaiser Permanente, created the <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Super-Utilizer Health Innovation Challenge</a>.

Participants were asked to design a digital health tool for a fictional patient with complex medical and social needs.

The first-place submission was a smart pill bottle that uses wireless sensor technology to remind an individual when to take medications, contacts the patient via text message or phone if dosages are missed, and shares real-time medication usage data with clinicians. Second place went to a relapse prevention mobile app for people recovering from substance abuse disorders.Third place was awarded to a behavior change incentive app.

<a href=”” target=”_blank”>Read the brief featuring themes and lessons of the Super-Utilizer Challenge</a>.