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The Kaiser Permanente Institute for Health Policy employs health policy experts and consultants from a variety of disciplines.

In addition to leveraging Kaiser Permanente’s expertise, it draws on leaders from diverse backgrounds, including physicians and other health care providers, clinical and health services researchers, public health professionals, economists, policy analysts, and communications experts to explore and inform pressing health policy topics.

Dr. Murray Ross leads the IHP. Before joining Kaiser Permanente, he was an advisor to the U.S. Congress, first at the Congressional Budget Office and later as executive director of the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission.

Murray N. Ross, PhD
Vice President, Institute for Health Policy and Government Relations
Cecilia Echeverría
Cecilia Oregón, MPP, MPH
Executive Director, Kaiser Permanente Institute for Health Policy
Rebecca Flournoy
Rebecca Flournoy, MPH
Senior Health Policy Leader
Samantha DuPont
Health Policy Consultant
Renee Gross
Renee Gross, JD
Health Policy Consultant
Krysten Joyce
Krysten Joyce, MPH
Health Policy Consultant