Transforming Care Delivery with Telehealth at Kaiser Permanente

At Kaiser Permanente, telehealth is a key component of our integrated approach to high-quality care delivery. Adoption of telehealth across the country has seen progress in recent years, but there are significant policy and payment barriers to widespread use. 

Maryland Reinsurance Efforts: A Case Study

Following the repeal of the tax penalty that enforced the individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act, states are taking up the policy question of how to best stabilize the individual marketplace. In Maryland, policymakers are working to balance multiple variables, including how to design a state reinsurance program that considers federal risk adjustment payments.

Reflections on High Drug Pricing in America: Where We Are and...

Norman Ornstein, resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and a contributing editor and writer at The Atlantic, reflects on the current state of affairs for drug pricing in America and examines what's in store for 2018 following an Institute for Health Policy forum in April.

Reducing Youth Firearm Suicide Risk: Evidence for Opportunities

In the February edition of Pediatrics, Dr. David Grossman, senior investigator with Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute, provided commentary on a new study that addresses whether families with children and/or adolescents with elevated risk factors for injury have different ownership or firearm storage patterns.

Policy Stories

Exactly As Prescribed: Kaiser Permanente Researchers Shed Light on Medication Adherence

For people living with chronic diseases, prescription medications can increase longevity and improve quality of life. Yet, in the United States, more than half of adults 40 and older with chronic conditions report at least one episode of non-adherence to their prescriptions.

Palliative Care Promotes Quality of Life for those with Advanced Illness

Advancements in medicine allow people with chronic and complex conditions to live longer than ever before. But longer life for people who are sick may bring challenges, such as pain, stress, and other symptoms that accompany serious illness.