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(Note: this bio was current at the time of website publication. For the most up-to-date biography for this individual, please consult Linkedin.) Priti Krishtel is a lawyer and co-founder of I-MAK, a non-profit building a more just and equitable medicines system.  She has spent nearly two decades exposing structural inequities affecting access to medicines and vaccines across the Global South and in the United States. I-MAK’s work has been cited repeatedly in Congressional testimony on prescription drug costs, most recently in hearings by the House Committee on Oversight and Reform. Priti has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, and The Hill. A current Presidential Leadership Scholar and an Ashoka Fellow, Priti’s TED talk about the high cost of prescription drugs in America has been viewed more than two million times in 2020. You can find her on Twitter at @pritikrishtel.

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