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Community Health

Public Health and the Delivery System: Vital Connections

November 29 & December 2, 2021
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Kaiser Permanente’s Institute for Health Policy held a two-part virtual forum examining how public health department and delivery system leaders are navigating the pandemic response and how we can support an effective public health system for the future.

This forum series:

  • Discussed opportunities to strengthen partnerships and collaboration between public health and the broader health care delivery system.
  • Identified the barriers public health and delivery system leaders face – including financial, workforce, and infrastructure challenges – and discussed ways to ensure a well-financed and supported public health system in the future.
  • Lifted up promising policy solutions to promote and improve our public health system in ways that address public health needs and advance health equity.

The first conversation, Public Health and the Delivery System: Navigating the Pandemic Response, was held on Monday, November 29. In this discussion we will elevated perspectives from public health department and delivery system leaders to gain a clearer understanding of their experiences and lessons learned responding to the pandemic.

Our second conversation, Public Health and the Delivery System: Building a Stronger System for the Future, was held on Thursday, December 2. Building off the perspectives elevated in part 1, this discussion focused on how we build a stronger system in the future that improves the public’s health in an equitable way, both in public health emergencies and in the longer term.

Dr. David Grossmans, MD, MPH, Interim Senior Vice President, Social and Community Health at Kaiser Permanente shares his insights on public health and the delivery system and the importance of partnership.

Watch the video Speakers Agenda

Forum series highlights

Part I, full event recording

Part II, full event recording


Part 1: Navigating the pandemic response (November 29)

10:00 a.m.Welcome & opening remarks
10:15 a.m.Panel discussion: Navigating the pandemic response
11:00 a.m.Audience questions & answers
11:10 a.m.Closing remarks

Part 2: Building a stronger system for the future (December 2)

12:00 p.m.Welcome & opening remarks
12:10 p.m.Panel discussion: Building a stronger system for the future
12:50 p.m.Audience questions & answers
1:00 p.m.Closing remarks
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