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Through expert roundtables, forums, and conferences, the Institute for Health Policy explores public policies that cultivate healthy communities and accessible high-quality care by convening experts to share knowledge, spark discourse, and advance collective thinking on topics of critical importance.

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Restoring Provider Confidence In FDA-Approved Drugs

The Kaiser Permanente Institute for Health Policy's experts Samantha Dupont, Krysten Joyce and Murray Ross join Kaiser Permanente's Senior Vice…

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To reduce health inequities, clinics need lawyers on the team

Social ills, such as substandard housing and food insecurity, fuel sicknesses that our health care system must then address. What we don't often consider—but should—is that many of…

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Feedback Informed Care

To meet the health care needs of the future, the nation needs more health care workers and a diverse workforce with the right experiences, skills, cultural diversity, and linguistic capabilities to meet the needs of communities throughout the country.
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Turning the tide on the maternal health crisis

The well-documented maternal mortality rate in the U.S. is heartbreaking, and the situation has gotten worse. Data released by the…

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A farewell, but not goodbye, to our leader Murray Ross

By Cecilia Oregón, MPP, MPH, Executive Director, Institute for Health Policy

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