Hannah Valantine

Hannah Valantine, MD

Stanford Medicine, Professor of Medicine Former NIH Chief Scientific Officer for Scientific Workforce Diversity

Hannah Valantine received her M.B.B.S. degree from London University, cardiology fellowship at Stanford, and Doctor of Medicine from London University.…

Uriri Onovakpuri

Uriridiakoghene “Ulili” Onovakpuri, MBA

Partner, Kapor Capital

Uriridiakoghene “Ulili” Onovakpuri is a partner at Kapor Capital, an early stage, social impact venture capital firm that invests in gap-closing startups…

Rojelio Mejia

Rojelio Mejia, MD

Assistant professor of infectious diseases and pediatrics, National School of Tropical Medicine, Baylor College of Medicine

Rojelio Mejia is assistant professor of infectious diseases and pediatrics at the National School of Tropical Medicine, Baylor College of…

Harriet Washington

Harriet A. Washington

Writing fellow, bioethics, Harvard Medical School; fellow, New York Academy of Medicine

Harriet A. Washington is a prolific science writer, editor, and ethicist who has authored six well-received books, including the seminal…

Tad Funahashi, MD

Tad Funahashi, MD

Chief Innovation Officer, Kaiser Permanente Southern California

Tad Funahashi, MD, is the Chief Innovation Officer for Kaiser Permanente Southern California. In this role, he leads a team…

Richard Bakalar

Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, ViTel Net

Dr. Richard Bakalar is Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer at ViTel Net, where he advises the CEO and leadership…

Erin Simon

Erin M. Simon, EdD

Assistant superintendent of school support services, Long Beach Unified School District

Erin M. Simon leads major reform efforts in school districts. In her current role as the assistant superintendent of school…

Charlene Russell Tucker

Charlene Russell-Tucker, MSM, RDN

Acting commissioner of education, Connecticut State Department of Education

Charlene Russell-Tucker is currently serving as the acting commissioner of education for the Connecticut State Department of Education. Until her…

Holly Hunt

Holly Hunt, MA

Chief, Healthy Schools Branch, Division of Population Health, Center for Disease Control and Prevention's National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

Holly Hunt is chief of the Healthy Schools Branch in the Division of Population Health, at Center for Disease Control…

Mary Pittman

Mary A. Pittman, DrPH

Chief executive officer and president, Public Health Institute (PHI)

Mary A. Pittman, is chief executive officer and president of the Oakland-based Public Health Institute (PHI), one of the country’s…