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Research Roundup: Continued Safety and Effectiveness of Vaccinations

Three studies from the research centers at Kaiser Permanente shed light on the safety and effectiveness of vaccines.  These findings include innovative ways to administer flu vaccinations, the importance of trustworthy vaccine information online, and additional protection for whooping cough. … >> more

Public Perspective on Reducing Unnecessary Care

New campaign takes into account the views of Californians about ineffective medical services. To assure that California healthcare policy takes into account the views and values of the public, the Center for Healthcare Decisions designed the Doing What Works project, … >> more

Stakeholders Convene to Reduce Low-Value Care

Two new reports highlight aims to create synergy among stakeholders, overcome existing barriers, and accelerate research in this area. In 2015, AcademyHealth partnered with Kaiser Permanente and other leading health care organizations to create a dialogue among funders, payers, health … >> more