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Research Roundup: Preventive Screening is Gleaning for Good Health

Kaiser Permanente promotes wellness, delivers high quality care, and manages chronic disease in order to improve total health. Screening for health conditions is fundamental to this goal. This month, the Institute for Health Policy highlights Kaiser Permanente’s efforts to increase … >> more

#Rx2Move – Webinar Series

The Kaiser Permanente Institute for Health Policy and the American College of Sports Medicine are pleased to announce the first of a three-part #Rx2Move webinar series designed to encourage medical professionals and health care institutions to promote physical activity. Webinar … >> more

#Rx2Move – Social Media Campaign

Kaiser Permanente and The American College of Sports Medicine urge you to join us in using Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to raise awareness about the role health care providers can play to promote physical activity for patients and communities.  The … >> more