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Our issue areas reflect current and emerging health policy topics that impact Kaiser Permanente, our membership, and the communities we serve. These areas guide the Institute’s work to inform policy, foster partnerships, and facilitate conversations.

Community Health

Excellent medical care alone is not sufficient to create healthy communities. To bring about demonstrable improvements in health, Kaiser Permanente also works to create health-promoting physical, social, and economic environments.

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Prescription drug prices continue to rise, threatening to make vital therapies unaffordable for many patients. Kaiser Permanente advocates for a new legal and policy landscape that rewards innovation while providing medicines at prices patients and the health care system can afford.

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Health Coverage

Kaiser Permanente is committed to providing affordable, high-quality health care services for our members and the communities in which they reside.

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Mental Health and Wellness

Kaiser Permanente is working to continuously improve the quality of and access to mental health care and promote the integration of mental health services with medical and social services to advance the total health of our members and communities.

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Kaiser Permanente Institute for Health Policy Stories cover volume 2

Our policy stories series features examples of Kaiser Permanente’s successes in quality, efficiency, and community health improvement, and translate those successes for policymakers and health system leaders.

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