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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Digital Health

Artificial Intelligence and digital health can empower patients to choose when, where and how they get care and help our health care system achieve more equitable health outcomes. And while they empower patients, they can help our physicians and care teams provide higher-quality, more equitable care.

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Artificial Intelligence in health care 

Artificial Intelligence has enormous potential to help make our nation’s health care system more robust, accessible, efficient, and equitable. At Kaiser Permanente, we’re excited about AI’s future, and are eager to work with policymakers and other health care leaders to ensure all patients can benefit. 

We’re taking a thoughtful approach to AI. AI tools must drive our core mission of delivering high-quality and affordable care for our members. This means that AI technologies must demonstrate a “return on health,” such as improved patient outcomes and experiences. 

We believe policymakers, health system leaders, researchers and experts have important roles to play too. We brought some of the nation’s leading experts together to discuss these roles at our recent Policy Forum, AI Transforming Health Care: Trust, Equity, and Policy. 

Digital health 

Digital health includes everything from telehealth to remote patient monitoring. For decades, digital health technology has been a key feature of our integrated care delivery approach at Kaiser Permanente. We leverage digital health technologies to improve health outcomes for our members, backed by data-driven insights. These insights help us better understand our members’ health conditions, and the best options for providing them the highest quality care.  

A focus on equity 

At Kaiser Permanente, equity is one of our core values and guides everything we do. When it comes to both AI and digital health, we are careful to make sure the tools we use support the delivery of equitable, evidence-based care for our members and communities. We’ve brought together leading experts as part of an IHP Forum to discuss how policymakers and health leaders alike can bolster digital equity. We’ve shared insights on specific actions Congress should take to support access to digital health.   

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